Top Lines agencies in Greece and Albania

Top Lines operates in over 30 destinations in Greece and Albania.

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Top Lines agencies in Greece and Albania

Athens Central Agency (Departure/Arrival Station)
Athens Diligiani Agency
Piraeus Agency
Corinth Agency
Patra Agency
Kalamata Agency
Pyrgos Agency
Kyparissia Agency
Tirana  Central Agency
Tirana Departure/Arrival Station
  • International Bus Terminal of Tirana
  • Address: Ali Riza Kolonja Street, behind the Sport building ASLLAN RUSI
    • For routes from Tirana to Athens Office Number 4 -Telephone: +355692061992
    • For routes from Tirana to Kalamata Office Number 17 -Telephone: +355676050292
Berat Center of city Agensy:
Berat Terminal /Arrival agency:
  • Address:Terminal of international Bus, Antipatrea Street
  • Phone: +355694051228
Kuçovë Agency:
Ura Vajgurore Agency
Gjirokaster Agency
  • Address: "11 Janari" neighborhood , National Road Kakavije-Gjirokaster
  • Phone: +355694051214
Vlore Center Agency
Durres  Center Agency
Shkoder  Center Agency:
Lezhe Agency
  • Address: Shëtitorja Gjergj Fishta
  • Mobile number: +355684444667
Lac  Agency
  • Address: SH35 Road (across Neptune)
  • Mobile number: +355683540506
Fier Center Agency:
Fier  Departure/Arrival Station
  • Address: :  Aulona Street,   (QTU-Fier)
  • Phone: +355676041640
Patos Agency
Lushnje Genta Agency:
  • Address: Misto Mame Street (Building 8), Loni Dhamo Neighborhood
  • Phone Number: +355694051225
Lushnje Eltoni Agency:
  • Address: Misto Mame Street (Building 3), Loni Dhamo Neighborhood
  • Phone Number:+355694051223
Elbasan Central Agency:
  • Address: Thoma Kalefi N14/212 Street
  • Phone Number: +355699768502
Elbasan Neoplan Agency:
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